Nikola Tesla

The genius hermit of Hayden Planetarium.




Tesla was well on his way to obscurity and death when the city fell into darkness. And it is mostly due to his brilliance that it still stands. He created the broadcast power grid that the city uses to power everything from homes and factories to cars and tesla guns, but his most important invention to date has been Tesla’s Wall, a curtain of electromagnetic energy around the island of Manhattan that serves to (mostly) hold back the fog and the reality changing madness that comes with it.

It is commonly believed that the shadow council of the nightfolk decided to offer Tesla immortality in the form of vampirism because they believe the city cannot stand without him. Rumor has it that when he refused, they turned him anyway and thus, disgusted by what he has become, began his long hermitage in his planetarium stronghold.

Tesla is believed to have ongoing feuds with both the shadow council and City Hall.

Nikola Tesla

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