Charity Dusk

The Guildmaster of the Mistrunners Guild




Charity Dusk is a native of the city whose childhood talents for mayhem and larceny translated to perfect skills for a Mistrunner. She apprenticed under the equally legendary Ada Vesper and quickly became something of a sensation.

Charity’s career hit a high point when she started running with Chandra, an upcoming mage. The two of them became a fabled team and eventually a couple, pulling off high risk, high return runs that made them fabulously wealthy and generally acclaimed.

Twentyfive years ago, Charity announced her retirement from active status, but she stayed in the guild as a trailer and officer, working her way up to guildmaster in the past few years. Unlike her wife, Charity is careful, considered and deadly calm but utterly ruthless.

Chandra might challenge you to a duel of magic or insult you in front of the whole world. Charity will just have you knifed in an alley and your heart pulled out so you can’t rise again. Or so goes the rumor. Nobody has had the guts to say anything like that to her face yet.

Charity Dusk

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