The Grand Master of the Mage's Guild




Chandra is the head of the Mage’s Guild. She came out of the fog some thirty years ago and quickly worked her way up the ranks by political maneuvering and mystic duelling. It became quickly obvious that she was an order of magnitude better at combat magic than anyone else in the guild and people started stepping out of her way to the top.

As the head of the guild, she’s aggressive and demanding and generally a pain in the ass for most people. She tries to bully anybody and everybody, including City Hall and the various heads of the unions and factions to get way and has pushed so hard that there is a fairly powerful block of political influence in the city that has united just to unseat her.

Chandra doesn’t care. She considers herself the person who should be in charge of the city and her plans include achieving that goal, according to rumor. Worse yet, she’s ably advised by her wife, Charity Dusk, head of the Mistrunner’s Guild. Chandra’s passion and fire and Charity’s tactical sense and discipline are a combination that makes most people nervous.


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