Every person living in the city is eligible for a monthly stipend from the city government. The allowance isn’t enough to live graciously but it will cover basic housing, cheap food and other necessities. The stipend is the same regardless of the age or health of the citizen and the BLA for children is paid to their parents or guardians.

While this does alleviate unnecessary suffering, the BLA isn’t just a humanitarian offering. The allowance incentivises having children, caring for those with support system and helps insure that there are few homeless in the city and fewer still deaths from privation. Given the number of predators that haunt the dark alleys and abandoned spaces of the city, removing a potential food source is a survival plan for everybody. In addition, the currency of the supernatural is life. And the faeryfolk use the passive life force generated by the population of the city in maintaining the night orchard.

the same principle fuels the public heath care and education of the citizens. The city is under siege and has been for most of a century. Insuring that every citizen is healthy and has every chance to learn a useful trade is in the best interests of everyone. The allowance is paid for by city taxes but few complain about it as everyone who grew up in the city benefited from the program and those who expect to have children or eventually retire will benefit from it in the future.

It should be noted that there is a minor social stigma for a healthy person with no children who ‘lives basic’. There is always work in the city and it always pays better than the BLA. People who don’t at least try to find something better are usually regarded as somewhat shiftless.


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