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Overview – A quick synopsis page about the setting. Start here.

Life In The Big city – This section will tell you what life is like in the city. What people do, how they live, love and die.

Mistrunning – All there is to know about living a life of fame, fortune, danger and the occasional fate worse than death.

The Powers That Be – City Hall and the other factions that vie for control of the city.

Dwellers in the Dark – Character guidelines and information.

Local Landmarks – Gin mills, clip joints and dance halls.

Rolling the Bones – Rules, house and otherwise.

A Cast of Thousands – The player characters and NPCS of note.

Inspirations and Theme – What to read, listen to and watch to get you in the mood and a brief essay on life in the dark.

Credits and Thanks – Just what it says on the tin.

Main Page

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